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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Should I purchase my own ATM machine or do an ATM placement agreement?

    Why buy an ATM? A placement agreement is the most logical choice as there are no out of pocket costs (except dedicated phone line) for the business owner. Also by partnering with Cash Alternatives, there are never any maintenance costs associated with the ATM.
  2. What makes Cash Alternatives different from other full service ATM providers?

    Our experience in the industry and our outstanding customer service! We focus on a local area to ensure the best service is provided. We focus on Southern Californiaís local areas; Orange County, Riverside County and Los Angeles to ensure the best service is provided.
  3. Is it safe to have an ATM Machine?

    This seems to be the biggest concern among business owners considering an ATM. The ATM has a vault which is almost impossible to break into and ATM machines installed by Cash Alternatives are bolted to the floor. They are extremely secure and attempted theft is very rare. Just think about how many ATM machines you see at various businesses and youíll quickly realize that the perceived risk is extremely low especially compared to the financial reward.
  4. How do I know that I am getting my proper surcharge paid?

    The processing companies are tightly regulated and fraud is virtually non existent. Reports from the processing companies are available which show the number of transactions which occur on a daily basis.
  5. Is there a long term contract to sign?

    ATM Placement agreements do have a contract to sign. The length of time is negotiable. All of our contracts allow the customer 30 days termination right if they are not satisfied.
  6. Iím interested , but I have a business to run, and donít have time to spend learning and dealing with an ATM. How can I get an ATM and not have to spend any time managing it?

    This is why we have an ATM placement program. You can be as uninvolved as you want. We will take care of everything with no headaches or hassles on your end.
  7. What are the benefits of having an ATM?

    1) Increased profit (new revenue stream)
    2) Decrease in the credit card transaction fees paid
    3) Improve foot traffic
    4) Provide a convenience / benefit to your customers

  8. How do I know if my location is a good spot for an ATM?

    Foot traffic is important. The following locations are excellent locations.

    Cafeterias / Gas Stations / Hotels / Bars / Night Clubs / Food Courts / Malls / Restaurants / Car Wash / Bowling Alleys / Convenience Store / Liquor Store / Golf Course


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